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Curation Tools and Documentation


The "SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language" (SPARQL) enables semantic queries of the Disease Ontology database and data retrieval of customized datasets (upon request of DO Users) and reports utilized for Quality Control assessment, identification of targeted curation datasets and reporting of DO release statistics.

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ROBOT is a powerful, command-line tool designed for Open Biomedical Ontologies. It was developed in collaboration with the DO team and designed to improve quality control, automated updates, reproducibility and interoperability.

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Curation Guidelines

  • DO Style Guide: Guidelines for defining new disease terms in the DO, cleaning up term format, creating definitions, database cross-references (dbxrefs: one to one references to external clinical vocabulary resources) and provenance of term definition sources.
  • Design Patterns for Method of Inheritance: Outline of logical axioms for defining EquivalentTo and SubClassOf statements for DO genetic diseases, to define the mode of inheritance.
  • DO merges FAQ: Guidelines for combining two disease terms.
  • DO Cancer Nomenclature Definitions: A resource guide for devising cancer definitions including ontology browsers, authoritative sources for definitions, formatting examples and NCI cell type cancer definitions.
  • DO Ticket Review Steps: Guidelines for creating new DO disease terms.
  • Common Logical Axioms: Generic patterns for the most common equivalent class and subclass of logical axioms.