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Papers Citing Disease Ontology

The Disease Ontology has been cited by more than 1,800 publications! These are listed at PubMed and Scopus (subscription required) or in a collection. They are also visually presented by year and publication type on the statistics page.

Scopus citation overview with the yearly count of publications citing each official Disease Ontology article

This snapshot of Scopus' citation overview shows the published Human Disease Ontology articles and the number of publications they have been cited by.
Last updated: Nov 2023

DO Project Publications

To cite your use of the Disease Ontology in your work, please cite one of these publications:

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DO Collaborative Publications

  • CIViCdb 2022: evolution of an open-access cancer variant interpretation knowledgebase (2023). PMID:36373660
  • Diseasomics: Actionable machine interpretable disease knowledge at the point-of-care (2022). PMID:36812614
  • A comprehensive update on CIDO: the community-based coronavirus infectious disease ontology (2022). PMID:36271389
  • A community approach to the cancer-variant-interpretation bottleneck (2022). PMID:35624339
  • COVID-19 biomarkers and their overlap with comorbidities in a disease biomarker data model (2021). PMID:34015823
  • Wikidata as a knowledge graph for the life sciences (2020). PMID:32180547
  • ECO, the Evidence & Conclusion Ontology: community standard for evidence information (2019). PMID:30407590
  • FoodOn: a harmonized food ontology to increase global food traceability, quality control and data integration (2018). PMID:31304272
  • Wikidata as a semantic framework for the Gene Wiki initiative (2016). PMID:26989148
  • The Human Phenotype Ontology: Semantic Unification of Common and Rare Disease (2015). PMID:26119816
  • Generating a focused view of disease ontology cancer terms for pan-cancer data integration and analysis (2015). PMID:25841438
  • GeMInA, Genomic Metadata for Infectious Agents, a geospatial surveillance pathogen database (2010). PMID:19850722