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Subsets of the Human Disease Ontology (Slims)

The DO project produces with each release subsets of the ontology for specific usecases. The subset files are found in the DO's GitHub. Subsets are created for specific use cases (e.g. AGR, FlyBase) or to facilate querying the DO (e.g. NCIthesaurus cancer terms, rare disease)

DO subset Use Cases term count
DO_AGR_slim Alliance of Genome Resources 28
DO_IEDB_slim Immune Epitope Database 152
DO_GXD_slim Gene eXpression Database 26
DO_MGI_slim Mouse Genome Informatics, Human-Mouse: Disease Connection 31
DO_cancer_slim CIViC, HIVE: BioMuta, BioXpress 303
DO_FlyBase_slim FlyBase 185
DO_rare_slim 526
gram-negative-bacterial-infectious-disease 104
gram-positive-bacterial-infectious-disease 63
NCIthesaurus 4262
sexually_transmitted_infectious_disease 29
tick-borne_infectious_disease 34
TopNodes_DOcancerslim 58
zoonotic_infectious_disease 118
image image image
image image image