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DO Imports

The Human Disease Ontology integrates non-disease ontology terms to define connections between diseases, defined by logical axioms. Utilizing ontology imports enables exploration of disease terms through their related cell of origin, anatomical location, symptoms, phenotpes, genetic or environmental risk factors. DO import files are generated with each DO release using ROBOT extract, which syncs the import file with their source ontologies.

data type source # terms in latest
DO release
anatomy UBERON Ontology 771
cell types Cell Ontology 179
chemicals CHEBI 369
evidence codes Evidence and Conclusion Ontology 14
food material FoodOn Ontology 51
inheritance pattern Genotype Ontology 25
omim_susceptibility (genetic risk factors) OMIM susceptibility terms 270
ontology relation term Relations Ontology 15
phenotypes Human Phenotype Ontology 496
sequence structural and functional variants Sequence Ontology 2229
symptoms Symptom Ontology 847
taxonomy NCBI Taxonomy 1044
transmission methods Transmission Process Ontology 32
image image image
image image image