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GLobal Core Biodata Resource


DO Federated Search

The DO-KB's SPARQL endpoint, explore DO data and query disease, genomic, proteomic resources through federated queries.

  • A data playground for querying the Human Disease Ontology SPARQL endpoint and to perform federated SPARQL queries across connected resources for disease knowledge discovery.
  • A linked data representation (RDF triple store) of the Human Disease Ontology's diseases, disease features and mechanisms.

DO-KB Faceted Search Interface

DO Facted Search

Mine the DO-KB disease-data connections through faceted query and retrieval of DO diseases sharing features or mechanisms, including phenotypes, environmental or genetic drivers, anatomy, variant type, and age of onset.

  • A new way to explore human disease features and mechanisms, represented here as data facets.
  • The DO-KB Faceted Search Interface enables exploration of connectivity across diseases.

What is the DO-KB?

The DO-KB is expanding the disease information ecosystem. Here, we are expanding the representation of the DO diseaseome to be a comprehensive network of disease to disease relationships, that represents a disease feature similarity network for differential diagnosis exploration.

How the DO-KB is strengthening the disease information ecosystem

The DO-KB is driving innovative machine learning (ML) research, making disease-related data accessible by cross-linking key data elements across resources.

The DO-KB SPARQL Sandbox is providing a standardized way of exploring linkages between related terms from different datasets to one another.

The DO-KB Faceted Search Interface is providing a faceted search perspective.