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SPARQL Resources

The DO-KB's SPARQL Sandbox provides programmatic access to the DO-KB Knowledgebase for exploring DO diseases, disease features, cross references and mechanisms, and exploring disease-data connections to other SPARQL endpoints. The "SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language" (SPARQL) enables semantic queries of the Disease Ontology database and data retrieval of customized datasets. The DO-KB SPARQL Sandbox provides an access point for receiving and processing SPARQL protocol requests, a HTTP-based protocol, that is used to perform SELECT and CONSTRUCT operations.
  • Select one of the provided SPARQL queries or paste in a novel query to retrieve bespoke ML-ready datasets.
  • Searches may be performed against the DO's primary release file, doid.owl or the doid-merged.owl file for exploring annotations, e.g. ECO codes and axiom relationships.
  • Additional queries will be periodically added to this site.
  • If you would like to have your favorite query added here, please submit a request below.
  • The DO's SPARQL endpoint (https://sparql.disease-ontology.org) is available for building federated queries.
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Additional SPARQL Resources

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Additional SPARQL queries can be found in the HumanDiseaseOntology data repository.

A tutorial is also now available on the tutorials page.